Back Then (Acoustic)


  1. J.p

    I am absolutely in love with the acoustic version, the video is great as well no question about it! Great job really really great job!

  2. Andy

    How do i talk to Julian?

  3. Matthew

    I’d love to get the tablature for this song… Or cords. Any way to play this myself would be lovely.

  4. Olivia

    Is there anyway someone could post the chords for the song? I could try and learn it by ear but this way someone else does the work for me :) haha

  5. Sam

    First off, this song is flat-out amazing (especially the acoustic version).
    Second, I know it sounds like it may be a dumb question because obviously you’ve been working really hard with the b story EP, but are you still going to be doing funny videos and if so when do you imagine you’d be starting again?
    Thanks so much, you’re awesome

  6. Words cannot explain this.

  7. Jake

    Yeah, I would love to learn how to play this song. It’s possibly the greatest song I’ve heard and this is the kind of music I listen to and play all the time. Love it.

  8. Please, please release an acoustic MP3 track! I might like this version MORE than the studio version.

  9. I really hope Julian releases more consecutive videos like he used to. Julian I love your sketches. They make my days like 199,839,482,188.909 times better.

  10. Malcom

    Julian, I’ve been addicted to the acoustic version of Back Then. I just cant play it. Tabs please?

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  13. Danielle MacCarthy

    Back then is such an awesome song! ★

  14. Callum Field

    I’ve been following Julian for years and I wish he’d do more genuine songs, even stuff like ‘buffering’ is just beautiful. Anyone know the chords to any of his songs?

  15. Michael

    i always thought you’d make good serious music and i was right idk why i havent heard this before, it was super good!

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