Back Then Music Video

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s B Story’s first music video and single, BACK THEN. More coming soon! Share it on Facebook & Twitter if you like it!


  1. jon b.

    Hey Julian, I liked the video. I was just curious as to what exactly this whole project is. I heard several months ago that you were working on a web series, and I just heard that you are finishing up an ep, and that this is one of the songs on it. I guess that means that the web series and the music are all related? Whatever the case may be, I enjoyed this video and I am looking forward to seeing where this is going.

    I think the whole “work on something secret then gradually let us know what it is” thing is pretty cool, but at the same time I missed seeing a new video every month or so, but that’s just me being an impatient fan :)


  2. Lucy K

    I love you so much your like my idol your videos are fantastic I have been watching for about 3 years now and I love everything you do! Your so funny and your an amazing singer I have listened to Back then so many times! I think jude is really hot ahahha

    Love your biggest fan

    ps. when is your birthday? mine is may 19
    pps. please keep making videos!


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  4. Dearest Julian,
    You’ve met my family and I a couple of times at Playlist LIVE (missed you last year). One of my sons is the little guy who used to do the Jeffrey imitation…
    Either way I want to say that you have influenced this family so much over the years. Your style, your music, your creativeness, your raw talent… I see one of my sons so, so, so serious about his film making, I believe he unknowingly creates with a Julian style. I just wanted to say Thank you.
    Thank you for taking your work so serious and projecting that to your viewers. You make us laugh, think, cry and reflect. A true artist.
    <3 you!
    P.S. Drew (mini Jeffrey) wanted me to share his youtube with you

  5. Kaori Becker

    Hi there Julian! I’m a big fan of your videos and I especially LOVE the new video b story that you posted on youtube. I can’t get it out of my head, and it definitely reminds me of my nostalgic high school years. I was wondering, is Jude Smith your little bro? And in the video Lip Reading, is Chris Smith your dad? Thanks! Please keep up the videos, I love em so much and can’t wait for more music vids too!

  6. Ben Young

    Hi Julian,
    This video was very touching. I’m sure we can all relate trying to remember what things were like when we experienced them for the first time, how we wish we could keep that feeling in an envelope forever. To travel back in time and cease the moment, wondering “What if?”. I hope life hasn’t got you down, you’re an inspiration to many and I’m sure not a single fan would take back the moments you’ve helped us share together.

  7. Kyle

    Do you watch Doctor Who? The Mini Fridge time machine… time vortex… alternate reality… If you don’t watch Doctor Who, I think you would like it. Just saying…

  8. This video was well done and so reflective!! I appreciate your hard work!!

  9. Calvin Heppler

    Julian, I wanted to say, Hi, and great work

  10. Your stuff never ceases to amaze me, not just in how well it’s done but also in how each film you make evokes a very different feeling. Something about this feels so specifically nostalgic for my own childhood and for a childhood I never experienced myself. Makes me want to go back too.

    Anyway, I just want to say thanks for doing you. It’s all we can ask for.

  11. Amanda Fithian

    Julian –
    I am so in love with this song and video! I’ve been watching it on repeat all day. My only issue is I can’t purchase the video… I bought the song but I wish I could have the video as well. Will you be making that available for purchase?

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  14. I think your one of the best people on you tube : D

  15. I think your one of the best people on you tube : )

  16. Mykola A

    Man, I know you made/ make amazing videos I remember i watched them they were so funny…
    But I think your music could be or is? your future? I hope all is well, just downloaded all your music on amazon. Super hyped!

    Keep them coming

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