I was here and you were gone, now you are here and I am gone.

Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I’ve been posting here privately for several months now so have a look around. You’ve got a lot to catch up on!

How’s everyone liking the Back Then music video?



  1. Clare

    I watch your videos with my two boys (they are 4 & 3) and we all love them. We just watched Back Then and it was no exception. :) Although I’m having a hard time explaining to them why your fridge is a time machine… ;) Anyway, as much as we miss your funny videos I think its great that you are moving on to other things you love and are obviously talented enough to do! We’ll keep watching.

  2. It’s awesome man! You continue to inspire me and thousands of others. I’ve also told you a million times your the reason I got into film. Your quality skits, and now your quality music video. Open mind, open talent.

  3. I really liked it :)

  4. Beni

    Really cool man , great video & great song !
    Greets from Berlin :)

  5. Damras

    Yeah, I liked it good. Liked it real good.

  6. It was simply inspiring! You are a man of comedy, but it’s always great to see you take the profound route. The imagery, the story, the emotion… it still sticks with you after the video is over. Seriously Julian, talent just radiates from that video. Glad to see you’re back and I’m looking forward to all of your current and future aspirations!

  7. Loved it! Of course the ending had me wondering “Was she there!?!”. Overall I thought the mood of the video and the cinematography was great, but we know you already had that in you. Excited to see you exploring your musical side as well. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Keep up the good work!

  8. colin

    Its pretty great

  9. PijusP

    I love it but it’s kinda weird to see you doing something different, not comedy.

  10. Luke Freimanis

    I really liked it! I thought that it was very creative and very well done! I have been waiting for a video for several months now and I was worried that I would be disappointed after such a long wait. However, that is not what happened at all! :D I though that you did a very nice job on this video and I really enjoyed it!! keep up being awesome!

  11. Kurt Metz

    i’m so glad to see new videos from you again and I always thought you were a good singer so I’m glad you went in that direction :)

  12. Coy

    Love the New single jullian, I didn’t know you were working on a real album! When are you planning to release the EP?

  13. Caitlyn Day

    The ‘Back Then’ music video was absolutely beautiful. I watched it three times in a row, perfect job. You always amaze me with your videos.

  14. Tyler Sloboda

    It’s really good, you did an amazing job on Back Then. Continue on with your great work!

  15. Loved it man! Glad to see you back on the YT. Funny thing is, I was looking through your website a few days ago wondering about this project! Beautiful work man! Keep going at it.

    Also quick question what type of camera do you use to take these pictures all over your blog? I love that film look.

    • Julian Smith

      thanks edward, 90% of the photos on this blog are film. shooting film isn’t as practical as it used to be but there’s still nothing like it.

      i mainly use my leica m6 (w/ 35mm summicron asph & 90mm summicron asph). all the b&w is on tri-x and most of the color is either portra or velvia.

  16. whitney

    I love the video, its incredible. The song is beautiful too, great job xx

  17. Rebekah

    Well I for one really enjoyed the video. Thanks for putting in so much effort into your videos! Your fans appreciate it!

  18. Rebecca

    As i watched it i laughed at the fridge being a shuttle. But as I continued to watch I started to get really emotional because I miss my past to and wish I could correct some things. I mean, who doesn’t want to go back?? It was a great video and I’m sure there are more to come:)

  19. Briahna

    It was really good! I missed you so much, and just having something from you was really wonderful. I loved that you went back in time. I wish we could all do that.

  20. Friederike

    looking forward to every single one of your videos. never got disappointed. you are unique in the uniquest way.
    the back then video+song are like you: not perfect… yet brilliant .)
    bless you and your passion!

  21. Friederike

    omg, i didn’t realize this was a wordpress blog. i was like: how’d they get my picture? and then like: oh yeah, because.

  22. Mike

    I was thinking to myself the other day…where did Julian go? I love his stuff and I find myself going back and watching old videos over and over. Then low and behold I “LIKE” you on Facebook and boom. Here is a new video. It is just awesome. Looking forward to what’s next. Keep up the great work and also remember…You made this for us!

  23. Victoria Smith

    I loved it! The boy in it was fantastic – I would love to see him in more.

    Maybe the Dryer is also a time machine and all the lost socks are just chillin’ in the future.

  24. Taylor T

    Julian, over the years your videos alone have inspired me to take up film making myself. Sure it started out rough with a crappy digital kodak and Imovie being the only things to aid me and my crazy high school friends. Still in high school… but I’ve been hired as rough editor at my local channel 10, and put head of making videos for yearbook at my school. Moving on up. Thanks Julian. Oh and question. This is YOUR band coming out with an ep?

  25. Nick Gray

    First of all, fantastic work. I’ve tried so many times to copy you and I realize now how much you have to know to make video look like yours. You’re an artist.
    Secondly, Can we expect a music video to “Don’t know how it goes”?

  26. Awesome! Can’t wait to see more! Love your music as well!

  27. Seth

    I absolutely loved the video Julian. I Had the wonderful opportunity of being in the casts in the school scene and I loved every minute of it. Thank you for providing the opportunity! I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for a new video. But it was worth the wait. wonderful job! Bravo!

  28. Nick Gray

    Also, this:
    (I know it is not polite to spam videos, but this is TOTALLY just in Celebration of Julians video and my take on his awesomeness)
    A Cover of “back then”

  29. Kim Dockery

    Beautifully done Julian! Nick and I have watched it at least a dozen times today :) What’s your plan for getting it played on the radio stations?! Please say you have one. We can’t wait to be driving down the road and hear your music come on! The whole world needs to enjoy your music too…

  30. It was fantastic! The fridge thing reminded me a bit of Doctor Who :)

  31. Jeanette Murray-Hall

    Back Then has a really magical quality to it. While I don’t condone people climbing into old refrigerators, in this case it really worked out. You have a very creative mind, and diverse talents. My teenage kids introduced me to the Malk video, which only led to frenetic viewing of dozens of other videos. I’m a fifty year old mental health therapist, and probably not a typical viewer, but wanted to give you a little shout out for bringing so much joy and humor to your viewers. It’s a beautiful gift, and you’re doing good work by bringing some cheerful and creative energy into this world.
    Thank you!

  32. Konnor

    I started watching your Youtube two years ago and I loved them. But this… I can not stop watching the Back Then music video! I always thought “If he were to get serious about the music industry he would be freaking big.” And now you are, I’ll love to see how this turns out

  33. Lucky

    Are you gonna be doing more serious work now and i love the video and just everything about it but I really hope to see you more often! Something that good cant be held back haha well ig it can but please don’t let it

  34. Julian,
    I’ll try to say something that hasn’t been said already, but it seems everyone agrees that this video rocks. I’m 20 and I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now. To me, this video showcases your vision through cinematography, direction, and even songwriting! It’s quirky and beautiful. The video has a a simple enough premise, but its power comes from the execution. Have I mentioned that it’s beautiful? Some may say that it comes from nice equipment, but it has very little to do with that. It’s obvious that you have become hyperaware of every frame and what is being said in each. I aspire to create such beautiful images that can work cohesively to tell a great story. Thanks for all the inspiration you have provided me. I read in an interview where you said that to become a filmmaker, you must not let anyone convince you that it’s impossible. I’m happy to say that this advice has been a part of what has kept me pursuing filmmaking. Thanks for this. I hope one day I get a chance to work with you.
    Jon Corum

  35. First of all, I’m glad that you’re back on YouTube and that you are continuing to impress me! You have been my favorite YouTuber since 2008.

    Your music video was very well made with all the special effects and cinematography in general. Great music. Great story! Can I intern at Papertown? :D

  36. I’m loving it man. Really inspirational stuff.
    Honestly it’s kinda left me speechless, I feel like I have so many things to say about it, but no words to say them with. It touched on many deep things on an emotional level, that I, myself, don’t have words for.
    Thanks for being awesome ;)

  37. Lucky

    How long have you been working on this and it was absolutely amazing hope you are very successful with your work and give you the best of luck and I will definitely be promoting your video

  38. Nathanael

    Hey Julian, great to see you back in action. I first started watching your videos a few months after Malk came out and have kept up on everything since. I love your characters and even your occasional odd videos (or maybe frequently over the past year and a half), but I’ve always appreciated the videos with a deeper meaning, whether you conveyed it with humor or not. This video looks like a very promising start to a larger story. Looking forward to “more soon” and keep it up! Update vlogs might be cool too.
    P.S. Any projection on when we might be seeing your next video?
    – Nate the Great

  39. Henrik Andersson

    Great to see this side of you. You have a big talent for both music, auspices and acting! Love your passion, and I’d love to hear your songs as well as seeing you in hollywood or something like that in the future :)
    Have to say I’ve been hoping to see your face or at least name in some movie

    Wish you great success, and I love your videos BTW.

  40. Caitlyn Day

    Well, It’s been a few days since I first watched the video and I liked it so much that I watched it with a few family members and now I’m sharing the song on facebook. I just can’t get it out of my head! You’re singing is wonderful. I really hope you do come out with more soon because gosh I’m addicted to this now.

    Sorry for commenting again, by the way!

    I’m pretty sure I already know most of the lyrics.

  41. Steven Boal

    I love it. I really liked the story line, when it ended I wanted to keep watching. I was even mad because I was somewhat attached to the characters and wanted to see how everything turned out. Also I thought it would be cool if the main guy goes back to present and finds that he had married the girl.

  42. Jonathan Siradj

    I have been starring at this blank comment box for hours. Trying to find something clever to say to you! I can’t do it… What I’m trying to say can not be described with words nor picture, neither could it be understood by anyone but me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we have all been there in that situation. The situation where we screw up and we just want to go back in time and fix it. We keep wondering “What could my life be like if I made some different choices?”. As an orphan misunderstood screw up I can only say this. Thank you. Thank you for your kind videos. Thank you for being there in my darkest times but also thank you for being you.


  43. Hey Julian,

    I have been watching your videos since late 2010 and you have definitely improved quite a bit visually during that time. B Story was beautiful! You also have a very nice voice. I know it takes a lot of time to make movies and that you are probably working on a bunch of other stuff, but I do really wish you would put out videos more often. You have inspired me to make my own short funny little videos and peruse a career in film. I bought myself a Canon T3i like a year ago and my YouTube channel just hit 500 subscribers yesterday. :D

    I have a few questions, what happened to you vlog? I was looking for it the other day so that I could listen to “The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done” again (the one where you were talking about prank calls and how you set up a date between two people who each had never spoken to the other.) and I couldn’t find it. :( Also, why have you recently set so many of your good videos to private? It made me a bit upset when I went looking for “Bless You” and a few of your older ones and couldn’t find them.

    One more thing, you are AMAZING at lighting. How did you learn that and do you have any suggestions as to how I could learn to light well too? I know some extremely basic stuff that will keep the picture from looking horrible but I am not all that good at it. I have not been able to find anything that explains it very well. Any (low-budget) suggestions? Thanks!

    Here is a link to my YouTube channel in case you feel like checking it out and giving me a few tips. I thought I would put it at the end of this message as not to be spammy-ish. (It’s fine if you don’t have time but I thought I would include it just in case :) http://www.YouTube.com/PChangerProductions


    P.S. I have to ask, was the refrigerator- time-machine inspired by the Tardis from Dr. Who? That was what it made me think of. lol! XD

  44. Andy

    Wait! Santa isnt real?

  45. Julian, Your profound talent to encapsulate my loyalty never ceases to amaze me, truly. Your music is indescribable and my words are a pathetic excuse of appreciation compared to what’s in my heart;)

    Never stop being wonderful.
    I’m counting on you.

  46. Stell

    Video and song are both amazing, I’d definitely buy the whole album if one ever happened. Till then, keep being super cool and talented. I introduced the majority of my circle of humans to your stuff and they’re all hooked, so hopefully they’re infecting everyone else in Australia.
    Keep up the brilliant work, and here’s my year’s ration of luck for your own personal use. I probably won’t be able to employ it successfully, anyway.
    Also, I keep missing calls in order to let the ringtone (I’m Reading a Book) play out. So I guess that means you’re inconveniently hilarious – but hilarious nonetheless.

    Thanks for existing.

  47. Lael

    I watched ‘back then’ over and over. Totally awesome. I found myself doodling it on my binder in class today…I realize all I draw on my binder is based on your totally amazing videos, which is amazing considering all of the other things out there in the world and I choose to love the videos more than anything else. Thanks for making me smile in the most boring or sad times, Julian :) -Lael

  48. Lael

    Holy crow! I have a question- Do you even have to ask if we liked this? We ALL know there isn’t a possible way to NOT like this video- unless you’re an alien. That’s the only possible explanation. (My friend just met you today, and the first thing he did afterwards was call me to rub it in my face!!! So sad, but equally exciting because I know someone that has met you. Keep up the amazing work that you do, and PLEASE don’t stop. It would break a bazillion peoples’ hearts! No pressure or anything :)

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