Question from Jarek D.


Do you have any estimated release date for B Story’s first EP? I see you said that you’re finishing up the last track, but I know nothing from that side of the music. So I do not know how long that would take. Second, if the EP sells well, is there a chance of B Story going on tour?

Can’t say anything about the EP yet, but rest assured, sooner than later! I don’t want months of silence and I’m gathering that neither do you guys. And yes, we plan on playing lots of shows once we have more than one song that you all know ;)

Thanks for writing!


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  1. Stalen Marks

    Hi Mr. Julian, nah, you probably like Julian more…
    I was wondering, if you’re back in Nashville, could you work with Jason Dunn?
    He was the lead singer of Hawk Nelson for 10 years, you guys would be awesome together!!
    Your fan, Stalen M.

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