Saturday, August 18th 2012

Here’s a story: One morning, I woke up at sunrise to take my brother in law, Alec to the airport.

Alec painted himself completely black while we were in the car and I didn’t know it until we arrived…

I told my friend Josh to clean him off, but he decided to get in my pool and play with his toes.

I took Josh to lunch to reward him for his hard work.


  1. Jackson Morris

    Wow. These pictures are so different, compared to your videos. From Hilarious to serious. Sinister. Mwahahaha.

  2. Jan

    made me miss L.A.

  3. carissa

    these are BEAUTIFUL along with all ur other photos. True talent! ( and whts funny is the 18th is my birthday) i hope you never stop this talent use it while you can and just enjoy it!!

  4. Brin

    These photographs are amazing.

  5. Maddie

    Nice work! You are a great photographer:) I love your silhouttes, they are perfect!
    -Your BIGGEST fan(yeah, I know, that’s what they all say-but I mean it!)
    P.S. Your videos are the best! You should put them all on DVD! Best movie ever, right there!

  6. Sophia

    these are amazing!!

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