Sunday, December 23rd 2012

Here’s some random frames from my November rolls. Spent some time in northern Virginia.






  1. Jane

    I like the 4th. The lighting and the horizon are just right!

  2. Wesley

    I absolutely love coming here and seeing new photos here. They are always so wonderful. Truly stunning work that just makes me think about life. Keep it up, it’s awesome.

  3. Yegor

    is all of this requires something more, than just an exposure swithing? i mean is leica so awesome that the simpliest photographing turns to be an excellent afterwork?
    but yeah, julian’s work on these makes them x901 cooler! keep it the hell up, from russia with love

  4. Julian, I think this is some of your most thoughtful, interesting work. I love all the sketches and used Pwning N00bs on a blog essay.But I have to ask you, are you actually using 35 mm film and wet developing? Where are you getting it done? This is really some of your best work. Who taught you? I started photographing in college about the time you were born, and spent hours in the darkroom. How are you making this art?

    • julian

      thanks victoria! yes, i’m shooting on tri-x 135 but not developing myself. still trying to find a lab with consistent quality. glad you’re enjoying it!

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