Thursday, September 27th 2012

This month I went to Seattle — it’s awesome this time of year. Then my cousin Garrett came out to LA to help me build a prop bomb. Garrett is one of the smartest people I know. He could have surprised me with a real bomb if he wanted to, but he’s very polite.


The master at work.

Serious Pie, Seattle.


The master at work again.




Father’s Office, Los Angeles.


  1. Jaine

    Film photography seems to be more personal than digital. And these are so dynamic. Great job.

  2. Logan Kinman

    I enjoy your photography.

  3. Natalee

    Is that…Jacquese?!

  4. Anna

    He’s not supposed to be Julian. Right?

  5. Sammy

    I love your videos and pictures! Your very inspiring! You should consider getting an instagram and posting pics on it. Love what you do! Don’t ever stop.

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