Wednesday, December 12th 2012

Spent a few days in NYC photographing Marc. Here’s some random frames from the trip.


Rise n’ shine.



He lost.

Guinness Milkshakes @ Mark in the East Village.



Antony, not Anthony.


  1. Jane

    This is an awesome set :)

  2. Curious – models, friends, or people you find at the locations? Love the light and depth.

    • I am pretty sure these are models that Julian has rented…I did this myself one time and it cost me a fortune but it was well worth it. I am single and I use all of the pictures of “my” beautiful friends and me hanging out on Facebook. I have even used these pictures in my living room…I use to just use the pictures that came with the frame…but I am so past that now. It turns out to be a great conversation piece when repair people stop by or a delivery guy…they inevitably ask me if the big picture on the wall is my wife and I say yep…married 10 years ago today, they congratulate me and I smile…but when the door closes…I cry myself to sleep knowing that I spent way to much money on those models!!!

    • julian

      a combination of friends and random people that catch my eye on the street. the photos here are almost always candids. this set was commissioned but none of them were posed. i usually shoot from the hip so people don’t know when i’m photographing them.

      • Hey Julian, you are obviously a thinker connecting some dots. Next time you are in New York look across the Brooklyn bridge for a large lighted sign atop a tall building and ask for a tour…I hope your journey is a successful one.
        Also, I was hoping you caught the dry humor in the comment above …my family and I have a comedy channel (Glutenfree4u). I am helping my oldest son (Home schooled) to develop his skills as a film maker. We enjoy your films and appreciate your keeping the sketches relatively clean. We like Rhett and Link also. I wanted to extend a hand a friendship to you by sending you a link to a article that could assist you in your marriage…not sure how long you have been married by assuming I have my information correct…you have not been married a long time. And with it in mind that there first couple years can be a real adjustment …well I hope this helps:

      • Photography and cinematography, and you have an eye for both. Fantastic! I am currently applauding as you read this message.

  3. Brooke

    12-12-12 happened to be my birthday haha u have awesome videos and great pictures! you’re hilarious!!

  4. Mason

    I love ping pong. Where it’s at.

  5. Number two, startlingly crisp. Number three, is it supposed to be heartwrenching? Wait, wait, don’t tell me, good art is interactive. Sorry. Nice work, Julian.

  6. Valerie

    What? Is that an honest to goodness basketball court that exists somewhere?
    Also, you are kind of my hero, in photography, humor, and everything else. For the record.

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