Wednesday, September 5th 2012

Here’s a couple frames from August. Don’t blink.


Writing late with Josh.



  1. Michael

    You don’t know me. And you have so many fans that you might never even read this. But you inspire me. You have inspired me. I’ve been with you since your youtube career began, back when all you got was a few thousand views per video. Once I left high school I vowed to become half of the man that you were. I applied to film school, because of you. I bought all my equipment, because of you. And yet here, years later, simple still photos are taken and you inspire me, once again. Keep going Julian. Never stop.

  2. Caleb Hayes

    Wow Julian, that top picture looks kinda shady.

  3. Lexi

    You’re a really good photographer! I love the black and white scheme.

  4. Frederik

    wow… Your foots are really great!

  5. Dane Samson

    I’m loving your style. Simple. Unique. Good job bro.

  6. I know that both yourself and Mr. Justin enjoy taking pictures on film, but also enjoy making your short films on a digital format. Even though it is pricey, would you ever consider shooting a short of film?

  7. Tom Fewchuk

    these are rad dude.

  8. Alanna

    hey julian i think you are so creative you should be on tv and i am not exagerrating one have a really good talent and its great to have a website to show everyones your fantastic ways !!

  9. Kacey

    Love these! Good work!

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